Titelbild Pferdehaar Extensions Mähne, Schweif & Schopf 


Your horse isn’t able to defend itself against insects because its forelock and tail aren’t full enough?

Here’s your solution! A full forelock and tail are not naturally existing in every horse. Very often the hair is damaged due to rubdown or illness.

Horse hair extensions are an option in this case. They can be an aesthetical but also a protective improvement.

Your horse will be able to defend itself successfully against harmful insects. That also reduces the stress level for your horse. Also you shouldn’t underestimate the aesthetic factor.

It’s a big help if you consider to participate in turnaments. The placement of the extensions is easy to learn and your horse won’t feel disturbed because of the new hair at all.

The extensions are completely invisible, reusable and permanently wearable.

Horse hair extensions lead to a full forelock and tail and a happy horse. And a happy horse makes a happy owner!